Last Updated 10/17/2000

1. Will this work on Windows 98 or 95, Windows 98SE? Windows ME?
No. My friend who was looking into implementing this for 95 etc. decided that he did not want to work on it. If you are an experienced programmer and would like to help with this, please email me.

I don't know about Windows ME? Have you tried it yet? :) It will most likely not work if ME is based on 98.

2. Will VaporCD work on Windows 2000?
Yes it does, there maybe some small problems as described in question #3.

3.  After creating an image, an error always occurs when trying to mount the file created. A dialog box with the message in version 1.3:
Unable to copy file to:
or in version 1.3.1
Unable to copy file to: c:\winnt\system32\Drivers\vaporcd.sys
Error #2
What does this mean?
This is a problem with the install. I am not sure why this happens yet.

One user has suggested this work around for now: "I found that I can make it work every time if I do one little trick:
When I first go throught the steps to create and mount the virtual CD, instead of clicking the "Mount" buton, I click the "Ok" button. Then I reopen the app, go to the Mount tab, and mount the Virtual CD."

Next, try rebooting and let me know if you still have this problem and write down the message and email it to me. Describe the steps that you have taken... including installing/uninstalling or starting/restarting vaporcd.

Error #2 is common. It means "system cannot find the specified file"

4. How do I get a copy that does not fall over on Jan.1 2000?
The versions newer than 1.3.1 do not expire.

5. Does VaporCD support ISO CD Images?
Support for some ISO images was added in version 1.4 .

6. Why did this FAQ not have an answer to my question?
Well maybe no one has asked me that question yet :) Go ahead and email me with your questions.

7. My email bounces when I try to send you email at and I have a or other free email account.
This is no longer a problem. I have changed email addresses. You can use the email listed at the bottom of the main VaporCD page to contact me.

8. I like opensource... why is the VaporCD source not released under the GPL?
Well, I have released VaporCD under GPL now!!! If you would like to work with VaporCD and improve it under a GNU/GPL license, please join the sourceforge project.

9. I have a file that is growing (50MB+) called vaporcd.log in my system32/drivers folder. What is it and can I disable it?
Version 1.4 was released with the log enabled that I use to debug the driver code. You can delete that file even while vaporcd is running to recover some space. You should upgrade to 1.41 so that the file is no longer created.