VaporCD Version 1.41

CD-ROM volume emulation for Windows NT/2000.

Copyright 2000 Brad Johnson All Rights Reserved.
Last updated 5/7/01.

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New in version 1.41 from version 1.3


VaporCD can create a copy of a CD on your hard disk and mount it as if it were the real CD. VaporCD works with Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000. This is very handy when you have extra hard drive space and get tired of changing out CD's. Also, yet another benefit VaporCD is faster than a normal CD-ROM.

NOTE: VaporCD does not create images of the music tracks of a CD. Due to the lack of DirectSound support on NT 4.0, this would be of very limited use on this platform.

Curious how it looks?

Check out the walk-through and screen shots.


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VaporCD 1.4 Released 10/14/00.
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VaporCD FAQ Last Updated 10/17/00


First you should read the FAQ, and if you still have questions you may email me.